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Serial# Class Brand Design Size Color Material Piece Price
58122 Programmed Tamarian Amelia PW Chamomile 8x10 Beige Nylon 2240.00
75572 Antique Tamarian Anatore Ivory Rust 8x10 Beige Nylon 3040.00
17062 Programmed Tamarian Broken Petal October 8x10 Beige Nylon 3040.00
32233 Antique Tamarian Poppy Brown 80k 10x10 Beige Nylon 3000.00
15772 Antique Tamarian Poppy Green 80k 6x9 Beige Nylon 1620.00
29215 Antique Tamarian Sonam Leaves Terracotta 80k 6x9 Beige Nylon 1620.00